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I'm a veteran editor and writer with four decades of quite varied work in editing books as well as writing them. (Explore some of my projects by clicking here.)

Beginning with my first editing assignment in 1978—the bestseller The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges — I've continued to partner with dozens of distinguished authors in bringing out many notable books — especially in Christian publishing, but also in business and leadership books, memoirs, fiction, and more. 

Speaking of the late Jerry Bridges, three decades after editing what was the first book both for Jerry as an author and me as an editor, I compiled the daily readings in Jerry's devotional Holiness Day by Day from NavPress, selecting and editing excerpts from a number of his books.

This book was honored with the Christian Book Award (in the "Inspiration" category, in 2009) from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA).

I'm also an author myself (sometimes using the pen name Mack Thomas), with more than twenty books published. Three of my books have been winners of the ECPA's Christian Book Award (formerly known as the ECPA Gold Medallion). Those winners included the children's book What Would Jesus Do? (in 1992),  The Complete Bible Discussion Guide (in 1993), and the children's book A Mouse in Solomon's House (in 1996).

My books have nearly two million copies in print.

  99 Ways to Entertain Your Family for Free!

  was the latest Mack Thomas book
  (released in 2009 from WaterBrook/Multnomah).

Also, I'm currently completing the writing of a series of historical novels called
THE SHAVA TRILOGY, to be published by Harvest House Publishers in 2016 and 2017.
(They'll show my real name, Thomas Womack, as author)

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Member, Editorial Freelancers Association
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